Terrace & Rooms

Find your favorite room, feel more than home

Room Only

  • Non A/C Double - Rs.3,000/=
  • A/C Double [Deluxe] - Rs.4,750/=
  • A/C Double [Super Deluxe] - Rs.5,750/=
  • Non A/C Family (4 Beds) - Rs.6,000/=
  • A/C Family [Super Deluxe]
    (2 King Size Beds) -Rs.8,000/=
  • Extra Person - Rs.500/=

Bed & Breakfast

  • Non A/C Double - Rs.6,500/=
  • A/C Double [Deluxe] - Rs.8,500/=
  • A/C Double [Super Deluxe] - Rs.10,000/=
  • Non A/C Family (4 Beds) - Rs.10,500/=
  • A/C Family [Super Deluxe]
    (2 King Size Beds) -Rs.15,000/=

Half Board

  • Non A/C Double - Rs.8,000/=
  • A/C Double [Deluxe] - Rs.10,500/=
  • A/C Double [Super Deluxe] - Rs.12,000/=
  • Non A/C Family (4 Beds) - Rs.15,000/=
  • A/C Family [Super Deluxe]
            (2 King Size Beds) -Rs.19,500/=

Full Board

  • Non A/C Double - Rs.10,000/=
  • A/C Double - Rs.12,500/=
  • A/C Double [Deluxe] - Rs.14,000/=
  • Non A/C Family (4 Beds) - Rs.18,500/=
  • A/C Family [Deluxe](4 Beds) -Rs.22,500/=

Welcome to Robinson Hotel

Robinson Hotel is located on the edge of the southern province of Sri Lanka, 280 km south of Colombo in the sacred city of Kataragama which is a gateway to explore the rich culture of Sri Lanka. The city is popular for temples of God Skanda (Murugan), his consorts Walli Amman and Thevariamman, Lord Shiva and Ganesh. Greatwalk performed annually in July and August by devotes to Kataragama. It symbolises links between the people of the north and the south.